electric motor-assist sup & surf boards


Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is the fastest growing sport in the world and for good reason.

It’s easy to learn for young and old alike and is a fun, effective way to exercise and build core strength.

Stand Up Paddling is like bicycling – it’s sometimes challenging – wind, currents and waves can sometimes create tough conditions. That’s why PowerBoards ‘paddle-power-assist’ e-sups were created.

Like e-bikes, PowerBoards give you instant power at the push of a button to help you handle more difficult conditions, keep safe and have loads of fun.



PowerBoards are powered by Fin-Drive Systems™, the most robust, reliable and responsive personal propulsion system on the water. Fin-Drive Systems’ globally patented technology incorporates exclusively supplied and industrial grade components such as battery, motor, drive-shaft and propellor.

Unlike alternative personal propulsion systems, Fin- Drive Systems require nearly zero maintenance. Properly charged, they start first time every time, are immediately responsive in the water and shut off instantly on release of the button.

The result is the best technology of its kind you can find.

Fin-Drive Systems uniquely incorporate a water-cooled electric motor for optimal run temperature, longer life and no danger of the overheating problems suffered by other personal propulsion systems.

All product models have an extensive four year testing period before being released to market.


PowerBoards’ initial runtime is 35 minutes. This improves the more you use them. The boards are immediately chargeable after use without the need for cooling off. Charge time is only 35 minutes. This means more runs in a day.

Simple push-on push-off power buttons (2 on the e-sup) respond to pressure from your feet, hands or chest.

PowerBoards are designed to be robust, with no delicate electronics. They feature an impact-resistant patented propellor housing for optimum performance on both sea and fresh water.

PowerBoards have been successfully marketed in Australia for two years with 100% satisfaction (no returns).

Powerboards’ runtime improves the more you use them


PowerBoards are designed for all types of water lovers – especially families with children – who live or holiday by the waterside (sea, lakes, rivers, canals) in a home, resort or hotel.

For clubs and resorts, PowerBoards are ideal for

  • rental
  • teaching
  • monitoring and supervision

For perspective, PowerBoard Rescue Boards are currently being tested by Queensland, Australia Surf Life saving.

PowerBoards are incredibly easy to maintain: A simple flush of the water cooling chamber and an occasional pump of a grease gun is all you need.

KIDS LOVE THEM…                                                                          …WHATEVER THEIR AGE!


As we age, it’s increasingly important to maintain our body’s core strength.

Outside the confines of gym or fitness studio, Stand Up Paddling is known to be an effective and hugely enjoyable method of building and maintaining core strength – increasingly important as we age.

Imagine the joy of chasing the waves on the open water or gliding along a crystal lake in the sun surrounded by beautiful scenery.

PowerBoards e-sups. With the power off, the boards perform as well as regular SUP boards. Push the power on for extra power in the face of tougher conditions such as waves, wind or current.

All the benefits of a SUP – plus power when you need it – whatever the reason


Add a new dimension to your low-impact workout while you strengthen your core and balance. Or just power up & chill.

Set your own pace

Go further, stay out longer

Be more stable, stay safer

Or relax and take in the view


The idea for PowerBoards came over 8 years ago to dedicated Australian surfer Chris Preston, after a shoulder injury forced him to invent a way to help him stay surfing.

The challenge was: how to create a personal propulsion system tough enough for the rigours & knocks of the swell, yet reliable and responsive in all conditions & temperatures?

The result was PowerBoards Surfboards. They simply take your surfing to a new level, whether as an accomplished wave rider or as a beginner.

With the power off, PowerBoards surf as well as regular boards.

Push the power on and you’re launched into a whole new realm. Suddenly you’re doing things that might have seemed impossible before.

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